Class Number: AL52 040919
Class Title: RUUD Inverter Training
Branch Number: AL52
Type: Onsite
Location: 5809 Arrowhead Drive, Virginia Beach, VA, 23462
Phone Number: 757-499-5406
Fax Number: 757-499-5400
Description: The Inverter Systems course is designed to educate the technician on air conditioning and heat pump systems that utilize inverters and inverter driven compressors. Taking a systems approach the training covers electronic expansion valves, pressure transducers, inverter theory, and inverter operation. The training explains in great detail the sequence of operations, system installation, and diagnostics. Outdoor units, Air handlers and Furnace coils will be covered as well as EcoNet control systems. This Class is required for any contractor wishing to sell the inverter 17 & 20 SEER units.
Contact Person: Joe Van Story
Instructor: Shawn Conaway
Cost: Non Liberties Dealer: $95.00
Freedom/Patriot Dealer: $No Cost
Standard Dealer: $95.00
Class Size:
Start Date: April 9, 2019
End Date: April 9, 2019
Start Time: 8 AM
Total Class Hours: 4

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