Class Number: VA03 4-10-2019
Class Title: Wrightsoft 2-Day Training
Branch Number: VA03
Type: Onsite
Location: 6905 Walrond Drive, Roanoke, VA, 24019
Phone Number: (540) 985-4761
Fax Number: (540) 985-6650
Description: This is a two day workshop for the Wrightsoft suite software. Wrightsoft suite of programs have been designed for those who have some previous understanding and knowledge of heat gain & loss. Using the revolutionary on screen draw program this software takes a complex task and makes it very easy. The programs have been approved by and are based on the principles taught by A.C.C.A in their application/design Manual J (for residential, light commercial load calculations) and Manual D (for residential duct design). Day one is designed to build a foundation of the software and day two is geared toward running actual sample loads on single and multi-story structures. Required: Attendees must bring their own laptops with the latest version of Wrightsoft software installed before arriving for the class. Modules needed are RightDraw, RightJ, and RightD. It is also highly recommended that attendees bring a mouse.
Contact Person: Kris Bostic
Instructor: Juan Cardona
Cost: Non Liberties Dealer: $$165.00
Freedom/Patriot Dealer: $No Cost
Standard Dealer: $$200.00
Liberties Dealer: $$165.00
Liberties Plus Dealer: $No Cost
Class Size:
Start Date: April 10, 2019
End Date: April 11, 2019
Start Time: 8:00am SHARP!
Total Class Hours: 16

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