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TSM Product Champions
To insure you get support on the product you're working on as fast as possible see the list below. An X indicates that TSM can offer knowledgeable support on that particular product.
Product Line Chris Lockhart Don Stanley Juan Cardona David Cole Andy Smart   Greg Andrews Jack Bartell
York Residential Heat Pumps X X X X X   X X
York Residential Furnaces X X X X X   X X
York ResPac Units X X X X   X X
York Commercial Packages up to 25 ton   X X X X   X X
Millennium Packages   X   X X   X X
York Commercial Splits Systems   X X X X   X X
YCCS Commercial Zoning       X     X X
Zoning with Manual Zr and York Communicating Zoning Controls     X X       X
ClimateMaster   X   X X    X  
Mitsubishi Mini-Splits   X X        
Fujitsu VRF     X         X
Honeywell Thermostats X X X X X   X X
Honeywell Tru-Steam X X X X      
Honeywell Zoning   X X X X     X
Load Calcs and Duct Design   X X       X
ZoneX Zoning Systems   X   X X   X  
Spanish Translation     X          

An independent distributor of York, Virginia Air proudly supports the following major brands: