Virginia Air Distributors Contractor Service Guarantees

A contractor is classified as a loyal York brand Champion participating at a minumum at the York Liberties Plus commitment level.

Service Guarantees for All

  1. Phone Policy

    Count on us to provide a knowledgeable individual at the end of the phone when you call us for service. No voice mail or computer answering service menu to pick from. We will have someone answer our calls and chances are that someone can help you no matter what the need. We are also so dedicated to this personal phone service that we guarantee to answer the phone within 3 rings or we will pay you the customer $100 for the inconvenience.

    What it means: No frustrations. You will not be frustrated because the phone rings forever; you will not be frustrated because you are put on hold forever; and you will not be frustrated by not receiving an answer to your problem.

  2. In-Stock Guarantees

    All residential units are guaranteed to be in-stock. Residential units are categorized as 5-tons or smaller, single-phase, York equipment. Substitutions of equal or better product are allowed at the same price as matching equipment. If unit is asked for the same-day and not available until the following day a 5% discount will be given. Anything after 1 day availability will be given a 10% discount. Applies only to individual pieces of equipment, not the entire order.

    What it means: No more hassles and delays waiting for equipment. You and your customer are happy. If we don't have the product locally we will get it for you full freight allowed. You get the product at a discount and we pay the freight.

  3. No Questions Asked New and Unused Return Policy

    Any residential purchase made from Virginia Air will be accepted for return if it is still in new and unused condition, no questions asked. Special orders do not qualify.

    What it means: No more back-room obsolete inventories. If you order it and don't need it, just return it, "no questions asked." No hassle, just credit. We'll even pick it up.

  4. Quality Personnel

    Virginia Air strives to hire, train, and retain the best staff in the industry. We want to have the friendliest most helpful staff to assist our customers.

    What it means: You will have a better day! As a result of our people being both helpful and friendly you will have a pleasant experience, get on with your business without delay, and feel better than you did before you called.

  5. Partnering with Licensed Professionals

    We serve licensed heating and air conditioning professionals exclusively on sales of HVAC equipment to ensure installations in the field are safe and reliable.

    What it means: You have a professional brand. Your organization will not have to compete with unqualified individuals.

Service Guarantees for Premium Contractors

  1. Same Day Delivery

    Any equipment ordered by 9:30 A.M. will be delivered within a 25-mile radius same-day. All equipment ordered by 3:30 p.m. for out of town shipments will be loaded the same day.

    What it means: Tight work schedules can be met. Get those jobs that no one else can do because it needs to be done immediately. Get your crews out early the next morning instead of keeping them waiting for morning deliveries. Better productivity, better customer service, better profitability for the contractor.

  2. Next-Day Parts

    Any residential York system bought from Virginia Air by the servicing contractor from the present date will be covered under this plan. Any part not available in stock will be sent from another source at no extra charge.

    What it means: Many of today's HVAC companies rely heavily on the service portion of their business. Better parts availability means better service and minimizes customer downtime. Happier customers leads to more customers which leads to a more successful business.

  3. D.O.A. Units

    Even with today's stringent quality standards, a very small percentage of units will inevitably malfunction. For our factory trained Freedom and Patriot level contractors, any residential product that is "dead on arrival" will be replaced per our DOA procedure which includes testing by one of our TSMs. Or replace malfunctioning components and York will pay the labor.

    What it means: No more upset customers. No more embarrassing start-up situations. Get rid of lemons before they cause continual service problems down the road.

  4. "Out of Warranty" Parts Privilege

    Freedom and CCE dealers, at their discretion, may choose to warranty parts on residential equipment that they've installed which are no longer covered by the original manufacturer's warranty. This program is designed to allow dealers to offer superior service and handle problematic situations without requesting or waiting for distributor or manufacturer support. Virginia Air reserves the right to suspend this privilege for dealers who abuse this benefit. Applies only to residential product and the original installing dealer, labor not included.

    What it means: You make the call, no asking, no waiting, no hoping, just great customer service. You don't have to put your neck on the line, we've got your back and will support your judgement. You can resolve problematic situations or help deserving customers, IT'S YOUR CALL!

  5. Instant Warranty Processing

    Premium contractors will receive warranty credits INSTANTLY after signing program participation form on all qualifying warranty transactions. Does not include labor claims, compressors, coils, or heat exchangers.

    What it means: When you call to order or pick-up a warranty part you will be given credit instantly for the warranty. Simply read and sign the program instruction sheet and have model and serial number ready for verification when you place your order. No more waiting for credits, no more bookkeeping hassles, no more credit limit crunches!

  6. Technical Training & Support

    No other distributor in the country provides a higher level of commitment to meeting the technical needs of contractors. Our factory trained, NATE certified staff of service managers have the expertise and field experience needed to support technicians by phone, or if needed, on the jobsite.

    What it means: You, your employees, and your customers will benefit from the most advanced offering of technical training and support in the industry. When problems do arise chances are your employees will be able to deal with them or get them resolved quickly. You will be recognized as a leader within your field as a NATE certified contractor!

  7. Personalized Training

    We have a list of already designed programs and can customize others to fit your personal needs.

    What it means: We will come to you or you can come to us. Either way we will personalize / customize training to meet your specific needs. A well trained technician reduces call backs; provides better service; and as a result contributes more profit.

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