Service Letters

File Icon YS-005-22 4.x.x.xx Firmware Field Updating to  |  Details
File Icon YS-004-22 Commercial Condenser and Evaporator Coil Sensor Failures Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-002-22 - high pressure switch failuresDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-001-22 Factory Installed Expansion Valve Equalizing Tube (YS-002-2019 Updated)Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-007-2021 Premier Uninstalled Sensor Faults Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-006-2021 Modulating Gas Furnace Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-004-2021 Residential Control Transformer Defect-208 Volt Applications OnlyDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-003-2021 expansion valve equalizing tube amendedDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-002-2021 heat pump blocked suction process tubeDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-002-2020 - 14 seer heat pump nuisance low pressure trip - 3.5 ton models final version 4Download  |  Details
File Icon YS 001-2021 OVS fault on Delta MS300 VFD’sDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-008-2020 17 Seer AC ECM Motor Change Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-007-2020 premier supply fan trackingDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-006-2020 Premier Air Flow Station Sensor Location ChangeDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-005-2020 heat pump blocked suction process tube Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-003-2020 Unit Harness Modification for Condensate OverflowDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-001-2020 Furnace motor location adjustment Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-005-2019 Eratic Blower Operation PCG6Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-004-2019 YHM Control BoardsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-003-2019 Flooded Unit Policy Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-002-2019 Expansion Valve Equilizing Tube Issue YHE YHMDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-001-2019 Pressure Switch Fault On 90% Single Stage Furnace Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-SP01-2018 White Rodgers Two Stage Control Board Issue Blower Wiring Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-007-2018 Clear Drain Pan Replacement Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-005-2018 Control Board Logic Error YHMDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-004-2018 Map Upgrade to Ver 4Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-002-2018 Match Up Issues YHE36 AE24Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-003-2018 Indoor Coil Performance Issue Resolution Horizontal Right and Downflow ApplicationsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-001-2018 Update On Compressor Suction TubeDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-010-2017 YS-033 Through 36-2015 Metering DeviceDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-012-2017 Flood Damaged EquipmentDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-015-2017 Ambient SensorsFailuresDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-008-17 CondensateMgmtIssueNewPlatformNcoilsandAirHandlersRev1Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-006-2017AlternateR22RefrigerantDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-004-2017 Non-Condensing; 80k BTU; Burner Ignition IssueDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-017-16 LX ResPac Burner Ignition IssueDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-016-16CM64DHorizontalCondensateManagementDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-015-16 York LXSeries Package Cabinet SweatingDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-014-16andM-429-2016 letter EPA warning R-22a 0501016Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-009-16YorkNoFaultFoundControlBoardsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-SP01-16 Defrost Sensor Placement Gen 7Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-001-16York Flood Damaged EquipmentDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-022-15 York Electic HeatDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-033-15 Refrigerant System TEV Performance IssuesDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-SP007-15 Suspect Limit SwitchDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-010-15 Inducer Motors Single Stage and Modulating Gas FurnacesDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-001-15RegalBeloit751hpBlowerMotorsYORKDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-016-14 Silicon Titride Ignition IssueDownload  |  Details
File Icon VASL-001-14 Contaminants affecting TEV PerformanceDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-010-14 HP Reversing Valve YZF UnitsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-007-2014 - Possible Micro-Channel Coil LeakDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-019-13 Affinity Split HP control Box Snow KitDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-016-13D Affinity ResPac Pilot BracketDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-005-13 No Fault Found Control BoardsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-037-12 York X-13 Blower Motor failuresDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-013-12YorkFurnaceCondensatePanFollow-UpDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-010-12 York 33inch Furn New Condensate Pans Production UpdateDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-004-12 York MicroChannel E-Coat OptionDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-001-12 York New Condensate Pans All 33 inch 90 furnace modelsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-029-11 York Cracked Condensate PansDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-025-11 York No fault light ignition small sunlineDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-022-11 York Microchannel coils spiking head pressure on startDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-010-11 YCJF TCJF TCGF Charging ChartsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-045-10 York 33inch two stage UTEC Control Bd IssuesDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-042-10 Demand Defrost Board with Compresor Delay on Curve 2 Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-039-10 33inch Condensate in Intake Pipe York RevisionDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-033-10 TM9V Low CFM due to Control board issueDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-014-10 Defrost Issues and Coil Matchups YZE, YZHDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-010-10 York Fan Grill Rattling on Predator 6.5-12.5 ton UnitsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-007-10 YZB YZE YZH Defrost Control Board IssuesDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-004-10 Condensate Pan Enhancements YP9C, YM9M, TM9V, TM9T, TM9X, TG9S, and GC9SDownload  |  Details
File Icon APB-01-10 Retrofit R-22 with R-410A ProductsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-047-09 Loss of Charge Protection - All THGD YHJD GHGDDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-044-09 Lau Blower Wheel Vibration YorkDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-038-09 YZB024 030 YZE024 Loss Of Charge Switch locaitonDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-035-09 Single Stage Control Boards Follow Up to YS-005-09Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-005-09 REVISION 2 York Emerson Control BoardDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-032-09 Flood Damaged EquipmentDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-029-09 York UPG Technical Services communication letter Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-026-09 York Low Pressure Switch Trips YZB-YZEDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-005-09 REVISED York Emerson Control BoardDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-011-09 York Major Comp in Lieu of UnitDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-014-09 York 40inch Mod InducerDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-008-09 Mod Furnace Pressure Switch TubingDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-002-09 York 40inch pressure switches RCDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-023-09 YZH Fan OperationDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-051-08 York pressure switche failuresDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-045-08 REVISED York NG33 Lau 4 ton Blower Wheel 12-3-2008 Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-058-07D Coil Leak Letter for DealersDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-039-08 York Cracked Condensate Drain Pans YP9C YM9M TG9S GG9SDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-019-08 3-6 ton Sunline Roll Out TripsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-016-08 York Muffler Kits YZE Heat PumpsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-013-08 York Outdoor ECM Motor FailuresDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-10-08 YZE LP switch tripsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-004-08 SJ incorrect CapacitorDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-073-07 Res Product Snow KitsDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-070-07 Flattened Fins on SJ JP Packaged units Download  |  Details
File Icon YS-061-07 BXH Cond Fan Mis-WireDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-067-07 AHP AVY Air Handlers with high humdityDownload  |  Details
File Icon YS-073-07 Res Product Snow Kits attDownload  |  Details

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