Three Basic Fundamentals Guide Our Business

Customer Service is our PASSION

We will be the BEST IN THE WORLD at distributing HVAC products

Our Major measurement of success is CUSTOMER AND EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION

What this Means for:

Our Customer

We must be recognized as the very best in: Service, Support, and Responsiveness.
Everything we do must be customer driven for the benefit of the customer.

Our Employees

We will hire only the best that already agree with our customer service philosophy
We will recognize them for good customer service
We will train and develop them
We will support them in their efforts to provide superior customer service

Our Suppliers

Must agree with our basic philosophy and help us achieve it by giving us the same service, support, and responsiveness that we give our customers

We Will Abide by the Five Following Rules:

The Customer is KING.

GOOD employee is equal in status to a customer.

We will strive to align ourselves with dealers that consistently provide quality workmanship and share our belief in mutual respect between distributor and dealer.

We will hire and retain ONLY those employees who successfully support our vision.

Profit is a result and reward for providing good customer service, not the goal!

An independent distributor of York, Virginia Air proudly supports the following major brands: